Pet Essentials Every Pet Owner Needs

Are you all set to welcome your four-legged furry baby into your homes and lives? Are you already exhausted from making an all-inclusive list of items needed to make your puppy's life comfortable and stress-free? Then, go through this comprehensive list of pet essentials that comprises everything you must procure before your pet starts its life in your home. 

All the pet essentials that you, as a pet owner, need to ensure your pet leads a healthy and happy life can be divided into three categories: grooming, nutrition, and pet supplies. Each category has a unique set of products that will make your pet parenting experience feel like a breeze. Let us look at each of these categories in more detail.


Pet Grooming Essentials

Pet grooming is an essential part of good pet care. Regular grooming helps your pet stay hygienic and well-maintained. Sticking to a grooming routine and using top-quality pet grooming supplies ensures a healthy life for your pet, protecting them from infections and other illnesses. Some of the most important pet grooming essentials include:

Brushes and Combs

Matted coats can be extremely unhygienic and painful for your dog. Pets, especially those with heavy furs, need regular brushing and combing of their pelts to ensure there aren't any tangles that could lead to infections. Use a good quality pet brush comb to gently detangle the knots and keep your pet's fur shiny and clean.

Nail Trimmer and Paw Cleaning Cup

Nicely trimmed nails help pets avoid dirt accumulation, reduce inflammation, and save your furniture from brutal scratch marks. A nail trimmer is a must-have in your pet's grooming kit.

A paw-cleaning cup is another essential you need to clean your pet's paws. It provides a hassle-free, hands-free cleaning for paws of any size. Nicely cleaned paws ensure there isn't any paw odor in the house and keeps your pet's paws clean and fresh.

Shampoo and Conditioner with a pH Balance

After a long day of playing and rolling around in the dirt, your pet will probably be stinky and require a good bath. Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner with a sweet fragrance for bath time. This will help your pet stay hygienic and save you the trouble of dealing with a stinky companion in your home.


Pet Nutritional Essentials


Pet foods are an obvious necessity. The right pet foods provide your pet with balanced nutrition, enabling them to lead a happy and hearty life. With a wholesome diet, pet satisfaction is guaranteed. Choose from brands that use premium ingredients and manufacture the food while adhering to the highest quality standards.  

You can choose from a wide variety of food options ranging from raw foods, dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods, air-dried foods, canned food or kibble, or snacks for playtime. 

Whatever you choose, always ensure it is packed with healthy nutrients and is suited to your pet's age.


Incorporation of treats in your pet's regime is a healthy way of encouraging your pet's play time and other training activities. Good snack options are wholesome, provide adequate nutrition, and are simply mouth-watering (from your pet's perspective). Treats can also be given in between meal times to satiate hunger pangs.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are miscellaneous items you need to help your new pet live happily in your home. This category contains essential accessories that will be helpful for you as a pet parent to manage things around the house. You can find these items at any online pet supplies store. 

Leash and Collar

Leashes and collars come in various forms and can be personalized as well. There are retractable leashes, reflective collars, leashes with padded handles, leashes with poop bag dispensers, LED light collars, and more. The choices are endless. Find what works best for your pet, and do not forget to keep extras for backup. 

Bed or Mat

Dogs, cats, or any other pet, for that matter, love to sleep on a cozy bed made just for them. Buy a comfortable bed with memory foam for extra support and a headrest. You can also consider an elevated dog bed if your pet is a chewer. These beds have a steel frame and help your pet stay cool on hot days.

Airtight Food Storage Container

It is essential to store the pet food in an airtight storage container to save it from mice, bugs, and other unwelcome critters. There are wide varieties available that come with good storage space and convenient spin-off lids. Made from heavy-duty, BPA-free food-grade plastic, these containers keep pests out.


At  Doggy Bag Treats, we offer a healthy selection of snacks along with other pet essentials that are important to have before you bring your forever companion to its permanent abode. Having these crucial pet essentials ready ensures caring for your new family member is hassle-free. 

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