Anti Leak Water Feeder - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - White
Our pet Anti Leak Water Feeder is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It's leak-proof exterior keeps water from spilling all over the place, so it's great for pups of all ages and activity levels. The dishwasher-safe design makes...
from $22.98
Puppy Car Seat - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - Pink
$37.98 $34.45
  • + 1
Puppy Car Seat - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - Pink
One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to keep them safe. The Pet Puppy Car Seat helps you do just that by securing your pup in place with an adjustable harness and safety belt....
$37.98 $34.45
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The Hydro Leash - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - Blue
Our pets are our friends, yes? They are our family. And if that is true, then they deserve the best in life - the best food, the best shelter, and the best gear. The Hydro Leash is a stylish leash...
$29.98 $28.89
LED Dog Collar - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - White
This LED Dog Collar will keep your dog safe during the daytime, but what about when you're out at night? We've got you covered. The Pet Light-up Leash features a battery pack that turns on to help your pup be...
from $18.93
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Dog Seat Mat - Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat - Yellow
Our pet Dog Seat Mat is a comfy, safe alternative to shoving our pups in the back seat of the car and letting them float around. Made from durable materials, this mat prevents hair from getting all over your upholstery...
$65.96 $47.46

Dog Carriers & Travel Accessories

A trip with your dog might be a great way to strengthen your bond. You might occasionally want to go on adventures with your pups and want them to have the same experiences as you.  

We at Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat have a list of essentials, from dog carriers, car seats, and water feeders to collars, for a comfortable and safe road trip for your four-legged friends.

Our products are designed with sturdy materials to ensure your dogs' safety and a comfortable traveling experience.

Dog Travel Accessories for a Safe Journey

While traveling with your dog is undoubtedly a lot of fun, it may also be stressful sometimes, particularly if you don't have the proper supplies.

To ensure that you and your dog will enjoy and have a lot of fun on your upcoming trip, pack these dog travel essentials before you leave for your next holiday with your furry friend.

  • Car seats for dogs
  • Dog backpack carrier
  • Dog car seat covers.
  • Water Feeders

At Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat, we offer all the necessities for your pet to travel in comfort.


Some practical techniques make traveling with pets less stressful for both of you, especially if you have a nervous pet, including:

  • Cover the cage or back window with towels to lessen overactivity.
  • Bring anything soothing, like your dog's bed or a favorite toy.
  • At all rest stops you make along the way, provide water.

When taking your dog along on a trip, you should pack the following:

  • Medicine for pets
  • Updated ID tags on the collar, harness, and leash
  • Dog clothing, dog snacks, and treats
  • Water feeders
  • Blanket and toys

We at Muffin & James Doggy Bag Treat advise you always to take these car accessories if you plan a road trip with your dog.

  • Dog Travel Carrier
  • Dog Seat Mats
  • Water Feeders
  • Booster Seats
  • Portable Crate

The experience of traveling is made safer for your canine companions with these essential accessories.

A dog booster seat is essential to provide your dog with a designated location in the car and prevent them from crawling on your lap while driving.

The best solution for ensuring your pets' safety is booster seats that fit comfortably on the seat and have an anchoring system that connects with the seat belts to hold it firmly.

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